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Five Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Summer Break!

Five Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Summer Break!

We all want to look and feel our best this summer! Discover how with the help of these tips and supplements you can lose weight before your summer break, beat that travel bloat and have an amazing summer 2019.

With summer here, you want to look your best for that summer break to the beach so you can wear your bikini or summer attire with confidence. You may feel that you are not happy about your weight but don't worry as we're here to give some useful tips to help you lose weight and beat the bloat associated with travel.

Switch Juice to Fruit

Juice contains more sugar and less fibre than the fruit it comes from. Many nutrients are found in the skin of the fruit, which is removed when it is juiced. If you feel like having orange juice, eat an orange instead and keep water nearby if you are thirsty. 

Follow the Mediterranean Diet

A traditional Mediterranean diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, and lean meats. Swap your butter for some olive oil and add more vegetables to your plate during dinner. Instead of chips and dip for a snack, try some carrots with hummus. 

Change Up Your Coffee

While there is no issue with coffee, any milk and syrups you add can quickly add calories to your cup. Opt for black coffee or green tea for a morning pick-me-up. While it may take some time to adjust to the bitter taste, you may find that you prefer your drinks to be milk-free. 

Less Alcohol, More Water

Alcohol contains many calories but offers very little nutrition in return. You will be surprised at how many extra calories you have at the end of the day when you switch alcohol for water. If you really need a drink now and again, go for the wine spritzers and be sure to hydrate with water. 

Portion Control

In today's world, individual portions are large, especially at restaurants. When you serve yourself rice for dinner, you may be actually eating three or four servings worth! Take a look at the serving sizes on food labels and try serving yourself smaller portions during meals. You can make it easier by picking a tinier plate to eat from. 

Rhubarb Complex® / Slenderize® / Apple Cider Vinegar Complex 

We've created a specific Get Summer Ready Collection of these 3 amazing products, designed to work together perfectly and get the results you want this summer. 

These tips and supplements can be used throughout the year and as well as for holiday preparation. When you watch the calories you take in and opt for more nutrient-rich food, you are keeping your body healthy, and when you feel healthier you will be able to fully enjoy your summer.



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